Exclusive Premiere: Blaqstarr's Intense New Track 'Never Hesitant'

Listen to a cut from the upcoming film 'LUV'

Blaqstarr Credit: Luke Gilford

Baltimore-based producer, DJ and recording artist Blaqstarr has produced three tracks – including the intense "Never Hesitant" – for the upcoming indie film LUV, starring Danny Glover and Common, which recently premiered at Sundance. Blaqstarr says that although he wrote "Never Hesitant" years ago, it's still incredibly fitting for both his life as a musician and the film.

"The beat for 'Never Hesitant' was actually created some time ago back in Baltimore. I remember Diplo and M.I.A. coming to my studio and hearing it for the first time," he says. "They liked it so much that M.I.A. jumped on the remix, which is what you hear on Blaqstarr: The Mixtape." The lyrics, Blaqstarr says, reference his drive and success.

"Personally, the lyrics were inspired by my success touring as a DJ and morphing into a recording artist. I am now able to hear and play my own music in different venues around the world, which is a completely unheard of type of experience," Blaqstarr tells Rolling Stone. "I reached that stage with a 'Never Hesitant' attitude toward life, going hard and not being afraid of the unheard of."

The track plays during a pivotal moment of the film's plot. "'Never Hesitate' is used in a scene where the characters cannot hesitate when having to make a split second decision in a life or death situation," Blaqstarr says. The track's beat has elements of Baltimore club music, which is not only familiar to Blaqstarr as a DJ, but is also the scene in which the setting of LUV is set.

Blaqstarr's "Never Hesitant" is exclusively streaming on RollingStone.com

Listen to Blaqstarr's "Never Hesitant":