Exclusive Download: Youth Lagoon's Raw, Emotional 'Montana'

Sample a track from the band's debut 'The Year of Hibernation'

Youth Lagoon Credit: Courtesy of Fat Possum

Click to listen to Youth Lagoon's 'Montana'

"Montana" is an emotional, atmospheric highlight from Youth Lagoon's acclaimed debut The Year of Hibernation. "I remember writing 'Montana' over the course of a couple weeks that followed an intense conversation with someone who I thought I may not see again," says songwriter Trevor Powers.

Random Notes

"The weeks following that talk, I just sat at my piano and couldn't get the smallest details of that conversation out of my head so just kept writing about it," he says. "When something unexpected happens, there's always a paradigm shift in someone's way of thinking. I guess I see some songs as being similar to when people speak their thoughts out loud to themselves. Even when no one is around, it helps just to speak."

The Year of Hibernation is in stores now, but you can download "Montana" for free here.