Exclusive Download: HTRK's Sleepy, Stoned Suicide Cover

Listen to the Australian electronic duo's take on 'Sweetheart'

htrk sweetheart
HTRK Conrad Standish

Click to listen to HTRK's 'Sweetheart (A. K. A. Love You)'

The Australian electronic music duo HTRK recorded this eerie, oddly romantic cover of Suicide's "Sweetheart" a few years ago with late band member Sean Stewart, but it's only now coming out as the B-side of a 12-inch single for their own song "Eat Yr Heart." "Sean decided on 'Sweetheart,' he worked out an approach," singer Jonnine Standish told Rolling Stone. "We got together in London, dropped a little 2C-B and did it one take." You can stream the track above, or download it here.