Durst Wants Borland Back

Bizkit singer hopes for reunion with ex-guitarist

Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst wants departed guitarist Wes Borland back in the band. "We are hoping Wes will come back and suprise [sic] us one day soon," Durst posts on Limp Bizkit's official site. "We really miss him."

Borland left the band last October to start a new band, now known as Eat the Day. At the time, Durst vowed to find the "illest guitar player known to man," and subsequently launched a nation-wide tour of open auditions. "Wes was a big part of the Limp Bizkit you're used to, but his decision to leave has left us in a place where we know the best of Limp Bizkit is yet to come," Durst posted at the time.

Now, Durst is re-thinking life without Wes, and is even enlisting Bizkit fans to help him beg Borland to return. "If you want, e-mail Wes and tell him to come back to his family," the new post continues. Durst also provides Borland's email address (tongueofcolicab@earthlink.net), but confesses to not know if it is still in use.

With or without Borland, Limp Bizkit are moving along with their fourth studio album and follow-up to 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water. "I've been doing a lot of writing lately," Durst continues. "All kinds of styles. I'm playing guitar too. Scary!!"

In other Durst news, the singer/filmmaker has just finished directing the video for "Epiphany," the fifth single from Staind's Break the Cycle, which features Titanic star Billy Zane. Durst also recently shot the video for Deadsy's "The Key to Gramercy Park," and is poised to make his feature film directing debut this summer when he begins work on Lords of Dogtown, which will focus on the birth of skateboarding in Venice, California.