Dixie Chicks Rock the Vote

Maines says a lot of good came from anti-Bush comments

The Dixie Chicks are teaming with Rock the Vote to encourage young women to vote. The band unveiled the "Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote!" campaign on Monday at a press conference at the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, California.

"We always felt like we were searching for ways to make an impact outside of music," said singer Natalie Maines. "It's such a struggle because there's so many causes. I've been waiting for something that really grabs me, that I want to give a lot of time to and passion to."

Maines struck a political nerve in March when she told a London audience the Chicks were "ashamed" that President Bush is from their home state of Texas. At Monday's press conference, the singer acknowledged that the subsequent backlash and support served as a catalyst for the Chicks' involvement with Rock the Vote.

"I believe everything that's happened in the last few months happened for a reason," said Maines. "A lot of positive things have come from it, and this is just one of them. We're very dedicated and motivated about this now."

As part of the campaign the Dixie Chicks donated $100,000 to build a section of the Rock the Vote Web site devoted to providing information about election issues. The band will also actively promote online voter registration, and Rock the Vote street teams will provide registration opportunities at Dixie Chicks concerts.

Dixie Chicks' tour dates:

7/23: San Diego, Cox Arena
7/25: Phoenix, America West Arena
7/27: Las Vegas, MGM/Mandalay Bay
7/29: San Antonio, SBC Center
7/30: Houston, Compaq Center
8/1: Little Rock, AR, Alltel Center
8/2: Memphis, The Pyramid Arena
8/3: Atlanta, Phillips Arena
8/4: Nashville, Gaylord Entertainment Center