Creed Reunite, Fans React: The Response to Stapp's "Rebirth"

Creed were one of the most talked-about bands of the '90s — beloved by devotees drawn to their bombastic anthems, loathed by listeners who dubbed them a third-rate Pearl Jam. The Grammy winners from Florida sold 25 million copies of their three studio albums (My Own Prison, Human Clay and Weathered) before bitterly splitting in June 2004, when guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips joined singer-guitarist Myles Kennedy as Alter Bridge. And now that the band has announced its reunion — which frontman Scott Stapp called "a renewing and a rebirth" when he spoke with Rolling Stone — fans are speaking out in droves.

(The '90s are back! Look at who's reuniting and returning here.)

Our story on the reunion currently has 200-plus comments from Creed fans and foes psyched at the prospect of seeing "Higher" live again, Alter Bridge supporters freaked about the future of that band, and of course distraught Creed critics and readers suggesting other reunions they'd rather see. Here's a survey of the best:

Dude Man defends Creed's chart record:
"You know what, I'm going to say it. Creed were awesome. Everyone loves to make fun of them (even this magazine, who by the way put them on the cover once), but they have sold millions of albums, influenced a lot of today's bands, and still get radio play. Yes we all know Scott had more problems than Chris Brown, but he was a great singer. And for all the people who call them a Pearl Jam rip-off are sadly mistaken, every band has influences, early STP is similar to Pearl Jam but not the same. I love both STP and Creed and neither are rip-offs."

Bud, one of many concerned Alter Bridge fans:
"This is a major bummer... What about all those interviews Tremonti, Phillips, and Marshall gave when Creed broke up? Tremonti said a reunion would be like getting a bunch of Vietnam vets back together. Marshall said he never really liked Stapp, they just got along for the band. I grew up on Creed but when they split it was a good choice. They were sick of each other and America was sick of Stapp. AB's music is so much more technically AND emotionally inspired. I feel like the AB guys just committed credibility suicide. Breaks my heart. And big surprise, Stapp is speaking for everyone again. I hate to say it but I hope this tour flops."

McCartney97 hopes some other Nineties (and Eighties) bands get into the reunion game:
"Ugh. First Limp Bizkit now Creed. How abut a talented band like The Smiths, Soundgarden or The Stone Roses?"

Kang speaks for the many posters dismayed at the reunion news:
"I would rather watch Lars from Metallica sing the entire ABBA collection solo in his little tennis outfit paying a fucking ukelele rather to even hear 30 seconds of anything from Creed. Worst band ever."