Courtney Off to Japan

Love ready to rock between court dates

"I really want to play this show," Love told Rolling Stone. "It's redemptive, and my band the Chelsea is insanely good."

Love also got a reprieve from her domestic legal troubles Thursday when a Los Angeles judge rejected a prosecutor's motion to force the singer to post bail on two felony charges of drug possession stemming from an October arrest.

Deputy District Attorney Gina Satriano filed the motion after Love was declared a fugitive two weeks ago for missing an arraignment on an unrelated assault charge. But Judge Elden S. Fox denied the prosecution's claims that the singer poses a threat to the community and set her next pretrial date for August 16th.

Love, who recently spent time in a New York rehabilitation facility, is optimistic about her recovery. "I've been clean for a month," she said. "I can do this. It's easy. I did it years before."