CMJ Madness: The Next Clap Your Hands?

It can take a lot to get New York's indie-rock lovers to schlep across the East River. But Missouri band Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin — whose catchy, hook-laden tunes remind us of early Weezer — have already won their share of fans. And from the headbopping and foot-tapping that their their sunny twee-pop sound inspired, the crowd seemed satisfied to have made the journey for the foursome's CMJ performance last night. The boys seemed unsure of themselves onstage at first: Except for occasional asides like, "This is for anyone who's from Columbia, the country or the city" between songs, they kept audience interaction to a minimum. Endearlingly awkward for the first part of their set, the guys loosened up halfway through when three of the four members rotated instruments. With a long-winded (and painfully of-the-moment) name and some more experience, SSLYBY could well be the next Clap Your Hands.