Clinton Rolls With Stones

President to speak about global warming

Former President Bill Clinton will make an appearance at the Rolling Stones' free environmental awareness concert in Los Angeles on Thursday night. The Natural Resources Defense Council, which is staging benefit, enlisted Clinton -- sans saxophone -- to give a speech about the perils of global warming.

The Stones' touring keyboardist Chuck Leavell is a tree farmer and an active environmentalist, and he's helped Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Co. get more involved in the issue. "I would like to see the country join hands with the rest of the world and try to usher in some much-needed regulations and guidelines," Leavell told Rolling Stone last month. "I believe that we are here to be good stewards of the land."

During the Clinton administration, the United States signed the Kyoto Treaty, an international agreement by industrialized nations to limit greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. In 2001, the Bush administration pulled the U.S. out of the treaty. More than 150 nations then agreed to a modified version of the treaty, but President Bush still would not sign it.

More than 12,000 fans won tickets to the Stones concert during an Internet drawing, with a handful of tickets also distributed through radio station contests. The performance will be among the last for the Stones on the first North American leg of their Licks World Tour.

More information about global warming and the Natural Resources Defense Council can be found at