"Chinese Democracy" Rumors: Release Date, Best Buy Exclusive

The latest rumors regarding the release of Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy have been swirling around message boards this week. The first rumor is that the long-awaited album will be released exclusively through Best Buy on November 25th. The source of the multi-tiered rumors is a supposed "vendor convention" that Best Buy had on Wednesday in Dallas, Texas. Reportedly, Guns manager Andy Gould told the 900 employees the news about Chinese Democracy before previewing three songs from the album. Cellphone recordings of the event were later distributed through GNR fan forums. Gould also reportdly alerted the crowd that "If The World" would also be featured in the closing credits for the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio/Russell Crowe film Body of Lies, which was confirmed by message boarders on movie websites (like IMDB) who happened to catch a press screening of the film yesterday. The number of witness accounts, evidence and message boards involved makes it hard to believe this is all just a hoax, but this is Axl Rose we're talking about, so we'll believe it when the press release reaches our inbox. Still, we're cautiously looking forward to Chinese Democracy and free Dr. Pepper on November 25th.

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