Bowie Hangs With Chicago Fans

On Thursday night, about 70 lucky Chicagoans were treated to an opportunity of a lifetime -- they got to hang out with David Bowie.

Chicago radio station WXRT hosted the event at Chicago Trax recording studio. Oriental rugs were tossed on the floor, candles ignited and a bohemian atmosphere created for about 45 minutes while DJ Frank E. Lee interviewed Bowie and his longtime guitarist Reeves Gabrels. Bowie, casually dressed in black jeans and an aqua-colored sweater, spent the majority of the time joking and chatting it up with the crowd before breaking into a three-song set consisting of "Always Crashing The Same Car," a country/western version of "Scary Monsters" and "I Can't Read," a Tin Machine tune.

After the show, one longtime Bowie admirer actually surprised the artist when he revealed he owned bootlegs back from when Bowie was still referred to as David Jones. Another fan told JAMTV that although Bowie was tired from his current tour, he was charming and down to earth. To sum up the evening, she said, "There was really just a happy, cool vibe."