Beyonce Is Fiercely Confusing in Baffling Video for "Diva"

Beyoncé's "Diva" is built on a flawed premise: a diva is actually not a female version of a hustler. Putting that technicality aside, the singer's new video for the bumpy I Am ... Sasha Fierce track is kind of a hot mess: She grabs the black-and-white three-lady choreography that caused such a stir in her "Single Ladies" video, throws in a few life-size Oscar statuettes and even opens by presenting the dictionary definition of "diva." The result: a four-minute art-school film unworthy of her Sasha Fierceness. How long until fans demand a do-over, a la her African-dance-in-a-forest clip for B'Day's "Deja Vu"? Are we nuts and this is a masterpiece?

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