Beck Names His "Dumb-Ass Party Record"

Beck Names His "Dumb-Ass Party Record"


Details about Beck's sixth album have been posted on his official Web site, ( Officially dubbed Midnight Vulture, the record will be in stores on Nov. 16. The musician has also unveiled the titles of six songs: "Sexxlaws," "Milk and Honey," "Debra," "Hlwd. Freaks" and "Mixed Bizness."

In addition, he has recorded "This Is My Kru" as a B-side for the first single "Sexxlaws," which will be in stores Sept. 24. Beck, who recently backed out of the Artist Direct First Annual Online Music Awards on Oct. 7 due to prior commitments, is said to be firming up a brief club tour in the hinterlands of California beginning next month.

He confided to NME last year that this record will be "a dumb-ass party record," instead of making a weighty, end-of-the-century reflective opus. "I wanna come out with a party record, 'cos essentially life is silly."