Hyundai - The family that rocks together rolls together.

Watch: Behind the scenes at the Sleadd family photo shoot

Hyundai set out to find the family that rocks the most, embodying what the new Santa Fe is all about. Enter the Sleadds. For starters, the family business is zip lines—for your backyard or your rainforest canopy tour—they do it all. And it's a true family business. Whether it's a trade show or a backwoods photo shoot, the whole crew is along for the ride. This is a family given to spontaneous dance parties and last-minute road trips. And if you ask nicely, maybe they'll adopt you.

The Sleadd Family

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The Huntsman Family

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The Milazzo Family

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The Rogers Family

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The Holloman Family

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The Thornberry Family

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The Wassenhove Family

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The Hallman Family

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The Wolf Family

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The redmond Family

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The Williams Family

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The Whitecloud Family

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