The Reel Thing: U2's 12 Greatest Soundtrack Songs

"GoldenEye," "Mission Impossible Theme" and 10 other iconic tracks that brought the band's majesty to the big screen

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"The Ground Beneath Her Feet"

The Million Dollar Hotel, 2000

The mind-meld between U2 and Wim Wenders peaked (and seemingly combusted) with The Million Dollar Hotel, a magical realist nut-house romance conceived by Bono himself. The film was a bit of a shambles, but the band did turn out some serviceable tracks, including the shuffle-turned-revivalist romp "Stateless" and this unrequited love song, featuring lyrics lifted directly from Salman Rushdie's novel of the same title. Underneath Bono's delicate, belly dance-inducing quiver is a mélange of tones and textures, including a haunted organ, Daniel Lanois' space-country guitar-picking, the Edge's big-sky bombast, Larry Mullen Jr.'s steady brushwork and assorted blips and effects.

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