'The Voice' Season Three Awards

Most Valuable Assistant Coach: Mary J. Blige for Team Adam

adam levine voice awards mary j. blige
Tyler Golden/NBC

MJB was the MVP on Team Adam, which prior to this season had a bit of a rep for laissez-faire coaching. Blige was not afraid to talk real, stopping young divas mid-verse to correct their delivery or diagnose a deeper problem. She acted somewhere between therapist and vocal coach. Other coaches, like gee-shucks ham Michael Buble (Team Blake) and Billy Joe Armstrong (Team Xtina) were mostly just pep-talking platitudes rather than helping fine-tune performances. Blige would have been a great choice to replace Cee Lo or Xtina for this coming season, though it's easy to imagine she might not have the patience or stamina required to slog through 64 contestants.

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