The Top 25 Teen Idol Breakout Moments

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Backstreet Boys - 1998
Tim Roney/Getty Images19/25

Backstreet Boys - 1998


In the summer of 1997 a confusing song hit the radio called "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)." It repeatedly stated that something called "Backstreet" was back, but nobody knew that Backstreet was around to begin with. It didn't really matter. The Max Martin-produced song was incredibly catchy, girls fell in love with the five-piece boy band, and a new sensation was born. (They'd already had success in Europe, but that's beside the point.) They were led by an obese, immoral Svengali named Lou Pearlman. He played a big role in breaking them, but they later sued him for stealing their money. Unlike most boy bands, the Backstreet Boys never really broke up. Kevin Richardson quit the group for a six-year spell, but they just kept touring and releasing records to smaller and smaller audiences. They had somewhat of a revival last year when they teamed up with The New Kids on the Block for a world tour, and this year they welcomed Kevin back into the fold.

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