The Best Dance Clubs in America

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XS, Las Vegas
CC Image courtesy of dbrekke on Flickr4/10

4. XS, Las Vegas

Vegas' DJ business is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and top DJs can easily snag six figures for residencies at the biggest casinos. At XS, the roster includes top talent from Skrillex to Tiesto to Diplo and more. That, plus the super-glossy digs – flashy gold everywhere, opulent chandeliers, 100 VIP tables, 30 outdoor cabanas and strategically placed naked headless mannequins – led several of our panelists to hail XS as the best club in town. "It feels like the nightclub center of it all," says Knife Party's Rob Swire. "It's so extravagant, it's nuts. It tends to be a good crowd whatever time of year it is."


Capacity: Usually 5,000, but as much as 8,000 on a busy night

Fun Fact: When the club opened on New Year's Eve 2008, its public relations people said it was inspired by the "sexy curves of the human body."


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