The Best Arenas and Stadiums in America

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Bridgestone Arena, Nashville
CC Image courtesy of Ron Cogswell on Flickr6/10

6. Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Like L.A.'s Staples Center or New York's Madison Square Garden, Bridgestone pulls in big names in part because it's the biggest venue in the biggest music city in the region. The Country Music Association Awards return here November 6th, and headliners from Eric Clapton to the Black Keys to Jimmy Buffett provide the ongoing star power. Built in 1996, the former Nashville Arena is in many ways like any other sports arena, although artists revel in its high-tech effects and sound quality. "Their Jumbotron is the most tricked-out orgy of video screens I've ever seen," says Bassnectar.

Capacity: 20,000


Fun fact: A nine-cent tax increase funded the $120 million arena.

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