500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone's definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

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Eminem feat. Dido, 'Stan'

296. Eminem feat. Dido, 'Stan'

Writers: Marshall Mathers,D. Armstrong, P. Herman
Producers: Eminem, the 45 King
Released: March '00, Aftermath
15 weeks; No. 51

"Stan" was Eminem’s scariest song, because for once the horror seemed real. Anchored by a sample from Dido’s "Thank You" (which became a hit itself), it followed an obsessed fan who acts out Em's fantasies. "He’s crazy for real, and he thinks I’m crazy, but I try to help him at the end of the song," said Eminem. "It kinda shows the real side of me."

Appears on: The Marshall Mathers LP (Aftermath/Interscope)


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