19. Underworld, 'Anthology, 1992-2002' (JBO/V2, 2003)

19. Underworld, Anthology, 1992-2002
Cooking Vinyl

It's no surprise that Underworld would get tapped to do music for the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Olympics. When it comes to being awesomely grandiose, few can beat them. Karl Hyde and Rick Smith were London house music DJs who impacted their tracks with an arena-rock grandeur. Yet even when they used rock instrumentation (as on the harmonica driven "BigMouth," which opens this greatest-hits set), they never tried to push their sound beyond EDM's essential building blocks: the God-touched keyboard stabs, a stomping four-on-the-floor groove and Hyde's bullhorn chant-sing vocals. It all came together best on the totally over-the-top "Born Slippy," a drunk's inner dialogue over a Balearic-Brontosaurus beat that got used brilliantly by Danny Boyle in the final scene in Trainspotting.

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