11. Burial, 'Untrue' (Hyperdub, 2007)

11. Burial, Untrue (Hyperdub, 2007)

Five years after this collection of crackly lucid dreams, it's amazing to think music this delicate was ever sold as "dubstep." But Burial – the moniker of producer Will Bevan – was the style's first real conduit from London to the outside world. On this even sharper-etched follow-up to an impressive 2006 debut, Burial's half-stepping skank and glutinous low end are seductively downcast. The pebbled vocal samples – "Holding you, couldn't be alone" on "Archangel"; "It could be bad, away from my heart" on the title track – tug at your heart, while gently pulling your sleeve to the dancefloor.

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