The 25 Greatest Rock Memoirs of All Time

Awesome rock & roll reads, from Keith Richards and Patti Smith to Slash and Nikki Sixx

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Nick Kent: 'Apathy for the Devil: A 70s Memoir' (2010)
Glenn Copus/Evening Standard/Rex/Rex USA; Courtesy of Perseus Books Group/Da Capo Press16/25

16. Nick Kent: 'Apathy for the Devil: A 70s Memoir' (2010)

Nick Kent was England's most notorious rock critic – he could do drugs with Keith Richards, get murder threats from John Bonham, do drugs with Iggy, date Chrissie Hynde, do drugs with Lemmy, get chain-whipped to a bloody pulp by Sid Vicious, do a lot more drugs. You might believe about half the stories here, at best; Kent likes to brag about how many famous songs were written about him. But that just adds to his charm as a self-promoting bullshit artist. And make no mistake – without self-promoting bullshit artists, there would be no rock & roll at all.

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