The 25 DJs That Rule the Earth

From stadium fillers to crossover kings and beat scientists

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Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Samsung8/25

8. Skrillex

Based In: Los Angeles
Age: 24

Looking back, it's hard to recall the time before Skrillex dropped the bass on our collective braincases. So let us refresh your memory: Just a few short years ago, dubstep was still an edgy sound that only people who spent a lot of time hanging out in dank East London clubs (or nerding out on dance-music blogs) knew about. Now, even Taylor Swift has some choice wub-wub-wubs up in her mix. Who made this possible? Big Skrill! The former screamo yowler, born Sonny Moore, decided in 2010 to give his poor, shredded vocal cords some much-needed rest and focus on making sick beats instead. Since then, his fax-machine-assaulting-a-dial-up-modem sound has blown up beyond his wildest dreams, scoring him invites to headline practically every festival this past summer, from Lollapalooza to Bonnaroo. "I started out playing underground clubs in L.A. – not more than 200 people or so," he says. "I can't even begin to describe how my life has changed. And I have no idea why, really. I just make music."

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