The 25 DJs That Rule the Earth

From stadium fillers to crossover kings and beat scientists

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Boys Noize
Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic9/25

9. Boys Noize

Based In: Berlin
Age: 30

In some ways, the Berlin-based DJ-producer Boys Noize (his real name is Alex Ridha) has taken a page out of the David Guetta handbook – working with artists from Snoop to Santigold and gaining fans from outside of dance music's underground core. But his serrated, buzz-saw remixes for everyone from Depeche Mode to his buddies Justice – and on his own excellent electro albums, the classic Oi Oi Oi and his new Out of the Black – are way more Daft Punk than Black Eyed Peas. His DJ sets go even harder, packed with tough, pummeling (but still funky) house and techno. "I always love to play jacking stuff and harderecho stuff," he said. "Right now, like, in the last two years, a lot of the electronic music, or what you now call EDM, it feels too generic for me sometimes and a bit soulless."

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