The 25 Boldest Career Moves In Rock History

From Bob Dylan becoming born again to Panic! at the Disco dropping the exclamation mark, the decisions that have changed the music world


Sinead O'Connor Tears Up A Photo Of The Pope On Live TV

Yvonne Hemsey/Getty

Talk about a ballsy move. In October 1992 Irish singer Sinead O'Connor was pissed off about child abuse scandals within the Catholic Church, so she decided to use her platform on Saturday Night Live to make a point. Without telling producers in advance, she tore a photo of the Pope in half after a performance of Bob Marley's "War." This is long before the public was aware of the Catholic Church's role in covering up child abuse, and the incident ignited a firestorm. To this day O'Connor says that she has no regrets, but it definitely dealt a near-lethal blow to her career.

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