The 25 Boldest Career Moves In Rock History

From Bob Dylan becoming born again to Panic! at the Disco dropping the exclamation mark, the decisions that have changed the music world


Pearl Jam Stops Making Videos, Refuses To Work With Ticketmaster

Paul Natkin/WireImage

Pearl Jam's 1991 debut Ten transformed the band into one of the biggest bands in the world, largely fueled by MTV playing their videos for "Jeremy" and "Even Flow" around the clock. When it came time for the follow-up LP Vs. the band decided to downscale the band's ambitions, beginning by refusing to make music videos. The album still sold by the millions, but by 1994 they took an even harder stance by refusing to perform in Ticketmaster venues. Both decisions made reaching a massive audience difficult, and they began selling fewer and fewer records.  But their fanbase remained incredibly loyal and they continue to pack every venue they play – though they have long since reversed both decisions.

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