Summer Music Preview: The Season's Must-Hear Albums

Yeezy returns, Ozzy reunites with Sabbath, QOTSA recruits Dave Grohl, and more

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Zomby, 'With Love' (6/18)
Courtesy 4AD11/22

Zomby, 'With Love' (6/18)

For his third full-length, enigmatic U.K. producer Zomby didn't cut any corners: With Love contains a staggering 33 tracks spread across two CDs, or three vinyl LPs, and will see release via 4AD on June 18th. The album has been said to interweave dance floor exaltation and introverted examination, and the first two cuts we've gotten to hear certainly match that criteria. Where the title track is a much more ambient affair with careening, stuttering cut-up clicks and vocals, "Soliloquy" finds Zomby lacing ethereal synths over a dazed trap groove of bass bombs, metallic clacks and hi-hat flourishes.

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