Summer Music Preview: The Season's Must-Hear Albums

Yeezy returns, Ozzy reunites with Sabbath, QOTSA recruits Dave Grohl, and more

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Airhead, 'For Years' (6/10)
Courtesy Korva17/22

Airhead, 'For Years' (6/10)

On June 10th, the venerable R&S Records will release For Years, the debut LP from producer Rob McAndrews, who goes by Airhead. Longtime collaborator and friend of production whiz James Blake (who appears on album closer "Knives"), Airhead shows a similar knack for delicate, meticulous production, but it's more than just dance music: First single "Autumn" makes use of heavy, nearly marching percussion to support its wandering acoustic guitar riffs and withered vocals, revealing a song that's as forceful as it is fragile.

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