'Star Trek' Villains: The Top 10


The God of Sha Ka Ree

Sha Ka Ree/Sybok
Everett Collection

Modern-day Vulcans are supremely logical folks, by and large, but even they have their share of myths. Take Sha Ka Ree, the long-lost site of the universe's divine creation, according to ancient Vulcan legend. In 1989's Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, an enigmatic Vulcan named Sybok (pictured) takes the Enterprise to a planet that he believes to be the true Sha Ka Ree. Once there, they encounter a shimmering mystical manifestation that sure seems to be some kind of god – only to get suspicious when this so-called deity demands they turn over their starship. Turns out it's not a god at all, just some weird, mean-spirited being manipulating everyone for its own ends. Hate when that happens!

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