Record Store Day 2016: The Ultimate Guide

From vintage Bowie singles to a Hello Kitty picture disc, here are the best releases of this year's event

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David Bowie released his final album, Blackstar, in January, just two days before his shocking death. And now six songs from the earliest chapter of his career are coming out in a Record Store Day pressing limited to 7,500 copies. I Dig Everything – The Pye Singles 1966 seems to be a European copyright-protection release, but that doesn't make it any less fascinating to check out super-obscure early Bowie tunes like "I'm Not Losing Sleep" and "Good Morning Girl." There's also a seven-inch picture disc of "TVC15" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Station to Station. Get them both to see just how much he advanced in those 10 crucial years between 1966 and 1976. 

New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Cheap Trick signed to Big Machine Records last year (home of Taylor Swift) and their new LP, Bang, Zoom, Crazy ... Hello, just landed in stores, but if you want to hear the bonus track "Arabesque," you need to be one of 4,000 people to get your hands on the 10-inch vinyl pressing Found New Parts

The Doors have once again raided their seemingly bottomless well of archival material and come up with Live at the Aquarius: The First Performance. It's a 1969 show featuring classics like "Light My Fire" and "Soul Kitchen." The 180-gram clear-vinyl package includes a recording of the soundcheck.

Bob Dylan is coming out with another album of cover songs associated with Frank Sinatra on May 20th, but one month before that, you can preview four songs on "Melancholy Mood," a four-track collection of tunes from the album that came out in Japan earlier this year. Dylan's old tourmates the Grateful Dead are dropping Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ 4/25/77, which features a cover of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" among many other Dead classics. More than a few Deadheads consider 1977 the high-water mark of their touring career.

The Monkees are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a new album and tour this year, but on Record Store Day, you can re-live their entire saga with Classic Album Collection, a 10-LP box featuring their nine studio records along with a bonus album packed full of B sides and rarities. The Sex Pistols covered the Monkees tune "Stepping Stone" at many of their shows back in the 1970s, and on Record Sore Day, they're re-releasing Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols as a 12-inch picture disc limited to 5,000 copies. The Sex Pistols toured heavily with the Buzzocks in their early days, and the British pop-punk pioneers are releasing More Product in a Different Compilation: Best of the United Artists Recordings as a two-LP set. It chronicles their work between 1977 and 1980.