Neil Young has released a ton of music over the past 50 years. Hell, in the past three years alone he's put out an astonishing five albums. He has enough famous tunes that it would be hard to pack them all into a four-hour concert, especially when you factor in his work with CSNY and Buffalo Springfield. But those songs still only represent a tiny sliver of his catalog. For every "Heart of Gold" there are 20 overlooked gems like "Stringman" and "L.A." To celebrate the impending release of his new LP The Monsanto Years, we had our readers vote for their favorite Neil Young deep cuts.

Tabulating the votes required a lot of judgement calls. It was a no-brainer to toss out votes for "Old Man" and "Cinnamon Girl," but "Cortez the Killer," "Powderfinger" and "Sugar Mountain" presented a minor conundrum. They aren't hits in the traditional sense, but the latter two appear on Decade while "Powderfinger" is his second most-performed tune (behind only "Cinnamon Girl.") We ultimately felt they were simply too famous to count even though they all got a ton of votes. Feel free to blast away in the comments section if you feel those were bad calls.