Questlove's Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time


Son of Bazerk feat. No Self Control and the Band, "Change the Style" (1990)

bazerk bazerk bazerk
MCA Records

Every connoisseur list has one obscure must-have. This is that must-have. The most brilliant swan song ever created by Public Enemy's Bomb Squad production team. After this record, their patented "everything but the kitchen sink" style of production was deemed financially impossible, and illegal. (So illegal I had to beg Chuck D to give me a copy after I lost my Son of Bazerk album.) One listen and you'll know why this song must be championed. They cram hip-hop, dancehall, oldies, doo woop, Motown soul and Bad Brains (!!!!!) in like three minutes flat. If my band's career had to be summed up in one song? This would be it.

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