Questlove's Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

What makes a great hip-hop song? Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson chooses his favorites.

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Audio Two,
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35. Audio Two, "Top Billin'" (1988)

Mastering the art of "flipping" is an accomplished feeling. Flipping is when you reconstruct an original idea past the point of recognition. The first steps of a producer's journey is taking a breakbeat and chopping it to bits to rebuild a new idea. I don't know what to make of "Top Billin'" – I mean, it's all over the place!! Milk sounds like your kid brother with a brush in hand and your sunglasses on, pretending he's the black Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys in the mirror. The minimalist drum backdrop was both irksome and innovative. Urgent yet simple. Crazy yet bland. All those things . . . but try once to get it out of your head. See!!!?

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