Prince's 15 Best Post-Eighties Deep Cuts

Cherry-picking the most underappreciated Prince songs of the Nineties and Oughts

"Sticky Like Glue"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

20TEN, 2010

That falsetto coo, that nimble guitar figure — "Sticky Like Glue" is the type of light-gauge funk that Prince pioneered in the late Seventies on gems like "Soft and Wet." Here, he trades vocal lines with three backing vocalists (Shelby J, Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease) and flicks off guitar upstrokes with the élan of Nile Rodgers. Like so much of Prince's work after re-embracing his faith in the early Nineties, "Sticky Like Glue" sees him reframing potentially lascivious lyrics into something more PG-13, as he extols the joys of friendship as well as sex. 

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