Prince's 15 Best Post-Eighties Deep Cuts

Cherry-picking the most underappreciated Prince songs of the Nineties and Oughts

"Movie Star"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Crystal Ball/The Truth, 1998

One of Prince's strangest productions, wherein he plays a cartoonish Lothario who resorts to body oils, incense, even "environmental" records in an effort to get "mo' drawers, mo' drawers." Originally written with Morris Day from The Time in mind, this kinetic track finds Prince adopting the role of a Rolls Royce-driving movie star who, in addition to the romantic gambits described above, asks girls to buy him drinks, slathers himself in Paco Rabanne and gets turned down by every would-be conquest in the club. In the liner notes for Crystal Ball, Prince wrote: "D'Angelo's favorite bootleg. His love 4 this track inspired it's (sic) inclusion."

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