Decade of Decadence: A Timeline of the Eighties Sunset Strip

Mötley Crüe, Poison, Guns N' Roses and the street behind rock's most excessive scene

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1982: Seventeen-Year-Old Slash Dresses in Drag at the Rainbow
Jack Lue/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty24/29

1982: Seventeen-Year-Old Slash Dresses in Drag at the Rainbow

Years before Guns N' Roses got together, L.A. kids Slash and Steven Adler would regularly hit the Rainbow armed with fake I.D.s. On one particular evening, however, it's ladies night at the club, and longtime bouncer Steady isn't having it. Though he allows Adler in, he sends the budding guitarist packing. According to Slash in his 2007 autobiography, he goes home, gets good and drunk and hatches a plan to return to the Rainbow — dressed as a girl. "My mom thought my plan was hilarious," he wrote. "She outfitted me with a skirt and fishnets, piled my hair up under a black beret, and did my makeup . . . I looked like a Rainbow chick." His goal? To seduce his future bandmate. "Adler hit on every girl in sight, so I was sure that he'd hit on me." Once inside the Rainbow, however, Slash realizes his friend is long gone, and ends up doing the walk of shame back down Sunset, getting catcalls all the way.

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