David Bowie: 30 Essential Songs

From "Ziggy Stardust" to "Lazarus," we survey the catalog of the late, great art-pop shapeshifter

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"Changes" (1971)

David Bowie was seemingly in danger of being a one-hit wonder by 1971. "Space Oddity" was two long years in the past, and music had changed dramatically. Bowie remained cocky, though, and on the lead single from Hunky Dory, he even unloaded a warning on his rivals. "Look out you rock & rollers," he sang. "Pretty soon you're gonna get a little older." They were brash words for somebody without much of a following, but they proved prophetic. Bowie said "Changes" started out as somewhat of a "parody of a nightclub song," but ended up a st-st-st-stuttering rock anthem with keyboards by Yes' Rick Wakeman and Bowie himself on saxophone.

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