Best Album Reissues of 2012

The Velvet Underground, R.E.M., Blur and more

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Grateful Dead, 'Spring 1990'
Courtesy of Rhino2/10

2. Grateful Dead, 'Spring 1990'

The Dead's six-city, 16-show tour in the spring of 1990 was "the high point of that era," according to guitarist Bob Weir – a last, sustained hurrah onstage before the passings of keyboardist Brent Mydland that summer and guitarist Jerry Garcia in 1995. In this generously packaged 18-CD set (one full gig from each town), everyone is in fine health and improvising with vigor. The Dead trotted out new covers for this run and reintroduced long-gone oldies. A special high here: the knockout second set in Atlanta, which covers 20 years of top Dead repertoire.

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