Beatles' 1960 Bathroom Tapes: The 5 Best Tracks

Hear the Silver Beetles, featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, in their first sessions

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That's George Harrison singing, and it's always interesting to note how expressive his vocals could be, and his guitar playing as well, in the pre-fame years. Dude would let it go in a way he wouldn't later, when Lennon and McCartney were calling more of the shots. Consider, for instance, this raver of a vocal from the Star Club tapes, which are also frequently overlooked. This is one of the few times these nascent Beatles hit something approaching a groove, but you can tell that they're feeling pleased with themselves, almost as if they're surprised that they're all surging together, more or less. They loved “Matchbox” as a tune, and although no one ever says it, this BBC version is one of the best live things they ever did.