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American Music Awards 2014's 20 Best and Worst Moments

The verdict on Taylor Swift, One Direction, 5SOS and everything from Pitbull's "Fireball" to Waka Flocka Flame

Worst: 5 Seconds of Summer's Punk-o-Rama
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Worst: 5 Seconds of Summer's Punk-o-Rama

Between the Manic Panic hair, vintage Weezer ringer and stripped-back stage set (complete with caution tape covering their amps — ooh, caution!), 5SoS got the punk posturing down, but in the end they were just a serviceable power pop band. Their cover of the Romantics' "What I Like About You" came off stiff. When red-bandana'd drummer Ashton Irwan shouted, "All right, AMAs, what I like about youuu!" it came off cardboard stiff. Lillix wore it better.

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