10 Great Adam Yauch Musical Moments

The Beastie Boys rapper and bassist would have turned 53 on August 5th.

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"3-Minute Rule" (1989)

A beat made partially from a bouncing ping-pong ball, this mellow head-nodder finds Adam Yauch in the menacing mode he had adopted in the Beasties' early rap records – taking a Mother Goose rhyme like "Roses are red/The sky is blue" and winding it up by boasting about pressing a gun barrel to your neck. Yauch – once an avid gun nut – however, would soon denounce violence. The line about chillin' like Bob Dylan wasn't just made for rhyme's sake. "'Chillin' with Bob Dylan?' Yeah, we were," producer Mario Caldato, Jr. told Rolling Stone. "We went to a Christmas party Dolly Parton had at her house. There were all these celebs, and there was Bob Dylan! We were like, 'Fuck, let's spark a joint. So we sparked a joint with Bob!'"

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