50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time

The best LPs from the age of Aqua Net

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Faster Pussycat, 'Faster Pussycat' (1987)

7. Faster Pussycat, 'Faster Pussycat' (1987)

Faster Pussycat's debut actually beat Guns 'N Roses' debut to the racks by a couple of weeks and, though nobody remembers it now, at the time the future Rock & Roll Hall of Famers and the future footnotes were frequently reviewed together, their Aerosmith-indebted sleaze somehow simultaneously perceived as both just more L.A. hair-metal and a more authentically trashy alternative to the same. Both bands had played early gigs at (future MTV VJ, past Angry Samoan audition flunker) Riki Rachtman and (Pussycat wailer) Taime Downe's World Famous Cathouse, so in one of this album's best songs "the best Cathouse in town" might therefore not be a house of prostitution. Rachtman is credited with "scratching" on the ahead-of-its-time rock-rap "Babylon," which owes equally the New York Dolls and Beastie Boys. C.E.

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