30 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2016: Weekend One

Rock reunions, desert dance parties and a Kristen Wiig cameo: the most memorable moments from Weekend One

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Best Multitasking: Grimes
Photograph by Andy Keilen19/30

Best Multitasking: Grimes

Grimes is a do-it-yourself kind of artist, fully engaged as both charismatic singer and mad scientist behind the control panel. On Saturday night, Grimes sprinted to the stage with fists in the air to excited fan cheering, before jumping immediately behind her gear to set the beats and dancing in euphoric motion. She was accompanied by a pair of tireless dancers and a single guitarist-keyboardist, but as the originator of the beats, melodies and sound experiments, Grimes often reached back herself to twirl a knob or send a new song tumbling forward, fully in control. One of those tracks was "Scream" (from last year's Art Angels), performed with Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes, their voices blending into the track's intense climactic screams, once sending Grimes falling happily to the floor. Janelle Monáe also stepped out in a shirt reading "Wild Feminist" to sing on their duet "Venus Fly."

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