25 Best Things We Saw at Bonnaroo 2016

Pearl Jam, Dead & Company, multiple Prince tributes and some Trump bashing made the music festival memorable

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Best Addition:
Alysse Gafkjen for Rolling Stone21/25

Best Addition: "Flushable Toilets!"

In its 15th year of existence, Bonnaroo added perhaps its greatest advancement: Actual working bathrooms on the festival site. These two architecturally pleasing, sparkling new structures on opposite ends of festival each boasted over 400 toilets combined, complete with stalls and partitioned urinals (and sinks!). By the weekend, the lines for these restrooms rivaled the size of the crowd at the nearby That Tent, but avoiding a fetid, 120-degree Porta Potty was worth the wait. Festival organizers were so excited about their new addition, they marked the sites with exclamation points — flushable toilets! — on the map.

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