20 Rock Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the 1970s That You Never Heard

We praised them 40 years ago — and you should listen to them today!

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Twiggy, 'Twiggy'

Twiggy, 'Twiggy'

The gamine Twiggy was the defining fashion model of the Sixties — and in 1973, she appeared alongside David Bowie on the cover of his Pin Ups album. That was apparently enough to launch her singing career, but she proved to have actual interpretive talent: we named her debut album "more than just a pleasant surprise." While the album didn't sell much, she continued singing and acting professionally, most notably as the star of the Broadway show My One and Only (opposite Tommy Tune).

What We Said Then: "Her voice, which at alternate times recalls Olivia Newton-John and Melanie (but without the former's calculated submissiveness or the latter's hyperextended vulnerability) is strong and self-assured. . .Moreover, she has a fine sense of where the heart of a song lies. . .There is a delicateness and vitality in Twiggy's music that is well above the usual MOR fare and one wishes her good luck in a field that is, if anything, more volatile and fickle than the modeling and fashion world." — Billy Altman, RS 225 (November 4th, 1976)

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