20 Obscure But Awesome Willie Nelson Tracks

From a Bob Dylan co-write to a polka, 20 songs by the Red Headed Stranger you may not have heard

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"Words Don't Fit the Picture" (1972)

The title track to Nelson's 1972 album, the cover of which features an out-of-place Nelson lugging his own guitar while a chauffeur holds the door of a waiting Rolls-Royce, is an honest admission that a romance is no longer working. One of Nelson's more direct breakup songs — no veiled metaphors here — the lyrics plainly state that there's "no need to force the love scenes." Rather, "this is the time to say goodbye." It's Nelson at his most stark, refusing to feign a smile, turning out the lights and, like the title of his 1967 single, admitting "the party's over."

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