20 Obscure But Awesome Willie Nelson Tracks

From a Bob Dylan co-write to a polka, 20 songs by the Red Headed Stranger you may not have heard

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"No Place But Texas" (1986)

A love letter to Nelson's birthplace, "No Place But Texas" is so rich with scenic imagery it makes even the most blue-blooded Northerner consider pulling up stakes and relocating to the Lone Star State. Written by Alex Harvey — who also penned Tanya Tucker's "Delta Dawn" — the harmonica-heavy travelogue sounds tailor-made for the Texas tourism board. The song also lays out the author's burial wishes. Whether they are Harvey's or even the Red Headed Stranger's authentic requests, or a bit of artistic license, to hear Nelson sing "When I die, I hope they bury me/on the Pedernales River/beneath a live oak tree," is to confront the inevitable: that country music will one day feel a loss of Texas-sized proportions.

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