100 Greatest Rolling Stones Songs

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74. "Some Girls" (1978)

Why did the Stones call this album Some Girls? "Because we couldn't remember their fucking names," as Richards put it at the time. The title song remains one of the Stones' funniest moments, as Jagger sings about the hard work of womanizing, pursued by groupies who take his money and take his clothes. The roué in the song dishes about his sexual tangles with women around the world (from gentle Chinese girls to prissy Brits to greedy Americans) over a leering blues-grind track that gave him plenty of room to be heard. Jagger's delivery is boozy and sly, and one line in particular raised hackles: He confesses he doesn't have the "jam" to satisfy "black girls," who "wanna get fucked all night." Predictably, this blew up into a major media controversy. Jagger protested that the song was intended as a joke. As he told Rolling Stone in 1978, "Most of the girls I played the song to like 'Some Girls.' They think it's funny; black girlfriends of mine just laughed. . . . I really like girls an awful lot, and I don't think I'd say anything really nasty about any of them."

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