100 Greatest Rolling Stones Songs

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14. "Let's Spend The Night Together" (1967)

The Stones had sung about sex a time or two before. But even by their standards, this was one blunt invitation. "Let's Spend the Night Together" opens with some piano from the great sideman Jack Nitzsche, with Richards playing bass. Jagger slurs his salacious my-my-my and cha-cha-cha murmurs, and the cheery group chants somehow make it all sound even more obscene – like a girl group in bluesman drag. It's one of the band's most popular hits, even though its brazen sexuality made it too hot for the Top 40 radio of 1967 (it got to Number 55). And those clicking sticks you hear in the middle? According to Andrew Loog Oldham, that's the London police officers who barged into the studio during the session. While the Stones hastily hid their goodies, he distracted the cops by asking them to perform on the track – by clicking their billy clubs.

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